Laser Cutting

Our Amada turrets and Mitsubishi laser allow HFI to make tight tolerance parts. We have the capability of laser / turret combination providing the opportunity to laser cut blanks and add special forms, such as louvers, shear forms, and other features in our turret department. Our automated load and unload systems allow us the possibility of off shift production, which leads to more capacity and schedule flexibility.


Laser cutting offers a cost-effective method to manufacture parts with complex geometries, in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The laser cutting process provides parts with smooth edge finishes and flatness matched with little to no set up cost. With today’s laser speeds and flexibility, the method has become equally unique for both short and high-volume production.

CNC Punching (Turret Cutting)

CNC punching offers a more cost-effective means of manufacturing parts on many materials. Amada Turrets are equipped with scratch free brush tables. Not only do our turrets offer cost effective blanks, they also perform a vast array of machining and forming operations during the blanking process such as: countersinks, counterbores, taps, embosses, louvers, shear forms and lances.

Our experienced staff excels at assisting our customer’s engineers with value engineering and continuous process improvement to not only reduce cost but manufacture better quality parts. We pride ourselves in offering superior customer service and innovative solutions for your projects.